Ολοι οι Ελληνες πατριωτες επιλεγουν το Ελληνικο κοινωνικο δικτυο ελα μαζι μας γιατι ειναι λογικο πια να μην ειμαστε στους ξενους!!

00:36 - 07/07/2021

Fulford says – circulate this far and wide

Ολοι οι Ελληνες πατριωτες επιλεγουν το Ελληνικο κοινωνικο δικτυο ελα μαζι μας γιατι ειναι λογικο πια να μην ειμαστε στους ξενους!!



To: Dr. Frank Atherton, Dr. Michael McBride, Dr. Susan Michie, Dr. Gregor Smith, Dr, Richard Taylor, Sir Patrick Valiance, Dr. Jonathan Van Tam, Chris Whitty
From:     Neil M Ferguson
Date:      14th June 2021
Subject: Next Steps – Permanent Lockdown of the UK (Private & Confidential)


With the impending decision and announcement to be made later today by the Prime Minister, in regards to the four-week extension of the lockdown of the United Kingdom, we now have a relatively short window of opportunity with which to finalise our next steps of the process.

It remains crucial for everything to remain on track and for us all to remember our common purpose behind this. It has been tough, and will get tougher, but provided that we stay united and that we manage to persuade the bulk of the country that we are doing this for good reasons then we will be able to move on with part two of “the plan”: In short, this will be moving towards a permanent lockdown of the country from Thursday 15th July, with the reasons for doing so being a spike in the new Indian and Nepal “variants”of “the virus”(which as we know is just a re-branding of Hey Fever).

The “virus” has already been very profitable and fruitful for us and there is no limit to which we cannot further profit in both financial and reputational terms. Still, we must ensure that we have complete and utter co-operation from both the Government and the Media with this and use the line that “it is just too
risky to go ahead with Summer”. We can “model” increases of these “variants” in line with, for example:

• Anti-Lockdown Protests (this would be a great one to push, in light of recent events)
• Euro 2021 Football Matches in England and Scotland
• Where Populations swell during summer months – Seaside Resorts (Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brighton, Skegness etc_) as well as Theme Parks (Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures etc.) as well as the Countryside and “Tourist Traps”

If we can get the message out that because of these the “variants” are going to be multiple and will completely crash the NHS if not correctly dealt with immediately, then the Public should be compliant and the compliance and unquestioning nature of the masses will be crucial in getting us across “the finishing line” and thereby we would have played our part in the changing of the country. It will then be for others to lockdown, as part of Kalergi and the WEF/Schwaab plan, for other reasons such as the Environment and Water Scarcity(2022-23),  Food Shortages (2023-24) and Global Finance and Mass Inflation (2024-25) culminating in finalisation of the UN, WHO and WEF Joint Global Kalergi Plan in 2025.

Whilst we know that there will be a resistance to this, we must ensure that any and all resistance is kept to an absolute minimum and this applies at all stratas of society – from the ordinary Man/Woman in the street to MP’s and Lords. Whilst over 70% support our actions (thanks to modifications from YouGov) we have a hardcore group of vehement so-called “pro freedom”people who are determined to scupper us at any opportunity.
The launch of the new “GB News” channel has only added fuel to this fire, therefore my plan is for us to apply as much pressure on Social Media Companies in the United Kingdom) to commence the following procedures immediately, in order to protect us and what we are doing:

Block/ban/delete any and all posts and users which go against Scientific Consensus
• For websites to restrict/deny access to the above group, including cancellation of any “accounts”
• For anti-lockdown people and their group leaders to have the details forwarded to the Police and be arrested for inciting hatred, violence and civil disobedience (a provision for this already falls under the Coronavirus Act 2020)
• For any Parent/Guardian who openly states that they or their family will not be vaccinated to have their Child/Elderly Relative removed Permanently from home and/or for them to be removed from the property regardless of ownership/Deed entitlements.

A copy of these proposals titled “Combating Covid Disinformation 2021” has already been sent to Nick Clegg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Susan Wojcicki (YouTube) and Sundar Pichai (Google/Alphabet). Also, I understand that the Prime Minister is going to push for stronger action in this regard against the anti-lockdown movement, including deploying the Army and for every street In the United Kingdom to be strictly and rigorously policed during the forthcoming July lockdown.

I have also been updated by Serco who are to release “Stay At Home Bracelets” which will act like Electronic Tags and will be made compulsory for every household in the country with all residents, tenants etc. being made to have both by law. These bracelets will work with the new 5G technology and will notify the CCC (Central Command Centre} if a person has ventured outside of their “Confined Space” with punishments ranging from a £50,000 fine to detainment in custody ‘for an indefinite period’. The first batch of bracelets will be introduced in August in London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Swansea, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Norwich, Cambridge, York, Exeter and Carlisle with second batches being introduced the following month and a third in November in order to reach outlying and hard to reach areas of the United Kingdom. The whole of the United Kingdom is scheduled to have these bracelets on and activated no later than 1st December 2021.

By getting people used to complying with us, we can break down any and all resistance to the new changes coming to the United Kingdom. However, we must always appear to be the “friends of the people” and look as if we have their best interests at heart so that they do not think counter to what we want them to. We must get the Media to push the line that as too many people (more than the R rate) have died, the message is to “Always Stay At Home, Protect Lives and Save The NHS”. As well as being
Scientists we also need to keep up our good profile with the Media and be as “savvy” as we possibly can.

With regards to new or extra “variants”, I would like to hear your opinions on the following prototypes:

The Capital ‘Variant’ (centred on London)
Anti-Lockdown Protests and Football Fans attending Euro 2020 matches will be deemed responsible for a more aggressive variant which causes Lung, Heart and Kidney problems. This will mean locking London down effective Thursday 15th July.

The Dorset ‘Variant’ (centred on Bournemouth)
People travellina to holiday in Bournemouth from London brought The Capital Variant to the area and this has mutated into a new “variant” which means that the area must be lacked down effective Monday 19th July.

The Border ‘Variant’ (centred on the England-Scotland Border)
People travelling between the two countries have brought two different variants into the two countries which are mixing and spreading/mutating with other variants. We could also work this in with Football Fans attending Euro 2020 matches in Scotland. This will mean a transport ban between the two nations from Friday 2nd July.

Please also be aware that in order to get more people to be vaccinated GlaxoSmithKline(GSK) is to stop the production of medicines for Common Colds, Flu and Hay Fever along with Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, AG, Sanofi, Merck & Co. Ltd. etc. as of the start of July. No Chemist will be able nor allowed to sell them.

We must count on the people’s willing obedience as well as the Prime Minister and his Ministers to be compliant with us. We all know that if this were to unravel and fall apart that the consequences would be dire. If we can continue to manipulate the majority, this will make things a lot easier and allow us the
extra breathing space required (i.e. you’re a “True Patriot” If you obey). Also, certain groups such as Blacks, Asians and the “Gay Community” are being ignorant and problematic with regards to vaccinations, more is necessary to educate these groups into conforming and having both vaccines when instructed to.

Regarding our immunity from future prosecution, this depends upon both the Prime Minister ourselves retaining a good relationship and both his and other Government Ministers complying. He knows what leverage we have over him and therefore, as he is bound and guided by us first and foremost, we can get our way. However, we also have the literal “get out of jail free” card by stating that we were following the data and doing our best for the people. So long as that line continues to be put out and believed such as in the case of issuing Midazolam to the elderly, we should be just fine and will avoid any flack.

In closing, therefore, let’s keep this up for the next few weeks and ensure that you are seen to be acting only in the best interests of the United Kingdom in fighting against the “virus”.

Please print out a copy of this and keep it under lock and key; do not forget “basic security” as what the public don’t know will not hurt them. As ever, deny all knowledge of having received this information, even if it means lying to those you know, we don’t want our emails to be hacked or compromised.











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Ολοι οι Ελληνες πατριωτες επιλεγουν το Ελληνικο κοινωνικο δικτυο ελα μαζι μας γιατι ειναι λογικο πια να μην ειμαστε στους ξενους!!

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  1. Alberto Mario Mura
    Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday said that Americans traveling to places with a low COVID-19 vaccination rate should “go the extra mile” and wear a mask even if they are fully vaccinated.

  2. Ιωλκαίος 07/07/2021 @ 10:27 ΠΜ

    Αν δεν είναι φάρσα (αλλά ποιός θα καθόταν να γράψει τοσα πράγματα, για να κάνει πλάκα;), τότε μιλάμε για κάργα δημοκρατία…

    “Κυρίαρχος Λαός”-μεγάλη κοροϊδία και στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο!

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