Leaked Pentagon Video-ΔΕιτε τα σχέδια τους μέσα από τα γραφεία τους!

Φοβερά είναι τα σχόλια κάλυψης πλέον από τα πρακτορακια τους

  • The only problem I see here is they want to mask it as if its bad. If talking people out of the religious views that’s destroying our world doesn’t help maybe extreme measures need to be taken. Our world or our country can not become better if
    we continue to believe in idiotic things like god that have us killing eachother. Religion promotes hate and violence. Needs to be eliminated
  • @boycisco5788 The thing is..People like you are really the biggest problem. Whether God exists or not, it is your lack of respect for the beliefs of others and your willingness to use extreme measures to change the private beliefs of others for your perception of the common good that is very frightening. WOW

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  • @Randomperson107 I guess a dog doesn’t exist unless it bites you on the ass, isn’t that correct? The pentagon video was added to an introduction of the video. It is my introduction good or bad…but the pentagon video is theirs. This is as much a conspiracy as the countless of factual instances the pentagon experimented on Americans over the years, from the syphilis Tuskegee airmen to the bacillus experiments in NYC and SF. I’m appalled at your ability to stare at truth and deny it.
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  • The only sick people in the video are the nut jobs that would think of doing such a thing to a human being!!!
  • of course do the research with everything but i will say this the rabbits hole is getting bigger and this is further proof of whats been going on for thousands of years …but now we have access to it great job anynmous its time to infiltrate the nwo by any means!! your inflitrating of us is ending ..down the long hard road you will cease to exsist!
  • You can do a max headroom style video all you want, but this room had only 4 or so guys.
  • Dey be wantin’ to take mah Jeeesuhs from meh!!!! Hell, if there was a «religious» gene, a «vaccine» for it would be a great invention. The cure of stupidity almost. Bring it!
  • I suspect this is fake. Disinformation designed to mislead. One has to ask why?
  • Fascinating. This is scores beyond locking someone in a dark room with mits and earmuffs for a few days to scramble up their identity like they did in the East German experiments.
    If this were real, it would be both awesome and frightening.
  • the guy looks like bill gates….
  • Fake
  • Fake, the audience comments sound like vooice-ins. And when they are questions they are never even acknowledged or answered by the speaker, except for the very last question at the end which is not a voice-in. That this has been tampered with questions everything about the video… Propoganda FAKE

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    • junk science by american terrorists for american idiots.
    • so whats for supper tonight>?you really think you go to your gp for a vaccine like this think again
    • Can this clip be verified?
    • @Randomperson107 @Randomperson107 Actually, not that far fetched. Every successfully reproducing virus alters genetic code, and LOTS of personality traits have already been linked to specific genes. Would generals consider something like this? If your answer is no, then obviously you’ve never seen military in action. Is this an actual leaked video of a military meeting? Maybe, maybe not. Is it possible a seminar like this has happened? You can bet on it.
    • @NewAmericaNow Indeed. I wonder if they can come up with a vaccine for such people; or better still, surely «science» could reveal to us what doofus «gene» is responsible for the doofus in the video… who has the asinine belief that religious-extremism can be reduced to the presence or absence of a particular gene.
      In the old days, we’d just slap such a doofus up the side of the head and say, «Smarten up, ya doofus.» But nowadys… with the military-industrial-complex as the enabler… sigh
    • This is unfortunate that someone thinks they should be controlling a population. I can guarantee the elite will not be affected with this Vaccine. Religious freedom is a right, but this does not stop at religion it will also cause people not to think for themselves. An idea in a book does not have to be religious to cause the same response. I do not think this scientist knows what a normal person is.
    • fact is religious extremist do not pose any large danger. They are not likely to be terrorists. I saw an interview on YT with an expert that had written a book presenting scientific data proving this. I cant find it now though. But I believe it was on Russia Today show. Suicide bombers are not the kind of ppl media presents them to be!
    • Compelling stuff indeed, whether it’s true or not. This raises an interesting point, though. Say you had a country which basically came into being purely as a geographical embodiment of a religious belief. A US ally in the middle east, lets say. Say this country was exposed with this virus and it worked. Would it lose interest in hating its enemies and attacking them regularly? Would that be good, or bad?
    • @boycisco5788 I agree! RELIGION has not gotten us anywhere! But we can at least be spiritual right? Right??
    • FAKE!!!
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  • @boycisco5788 you are wrong,as most of the wars have been started by kings, politicians not by religion ,,, if we look at WW1, WW2 , bore war, vietnam, and what says that they would stop with people they deem not acceptable, like wall street occupiers, and what they are proposing is extreme, these people here are forcing their belief to change the belief of another people,, sound to me like a religion to me
  • This video is a FAKE and is just more Jew propaganda.
    Take notice of the fake voice-ins. roflmao!
  • Complete idiots!
    Religion does not cause one to FIGHT FOR THEIR FREEDOM, oppression causes one to fight for their freedoms.
    Israhell and Zionist Middle East policy is satanic and all humans on Earth should fight for the eradication of Zionism and the satanic state of Israhell.
  • what the hell. this is EVIL. they want us to be in disgust or the word of god? now you see that evil is all around and in charge of the»government».
  • People are just fukin assholes! How bout a vaccine to make stupid scientists, who are dumber than hogs, shit their pants every time they open their mouths???
  • Thought: Are all these «anti-vaccine» videos, movements, info, etc. being made and spread by the «evil. mil» in order to condition the Probably-Nots into joining the Definitely-Nots, in effect polarizing the population into FUCKING IDIOT SHOT-TAKERS and FUCKING IDIOT SHOT-DENIERS, with, perhaps, the plan to actually put something into the «free flu shots» that actually SAVE the lowest morons, the mouth-breathers, the non-thinkers, while allowing the now grown Definitely-Not «enemy» group to die.
  • @boycisco5788 The thing is..People like you are really the biggest problem. Whether God exists or not, it is your lack of respect for the beliefs of others and your willingness to use extreme measures to change the private beliefs of others for your perception of the common good that is very frightening. WOW
  • The only problem I see here is they want to mask it as if its bad. If talking people out of the religious views that’s destroying our world doesn’t help maybe extreme measures need to be taken. Our world or our country can not become better if we continue to believe in idiotic things like god that have us killing eachother. Religion promotes hate and violence. Needs to be eliminated
  • Where are all the great empires from the past today? GONE! So will the same be for America! What goes up must come down.
  • @NothingAtAllXD Google search the website. It’s not coming up via URL.
  • neurology(dot)org/content/75/1­8_Supplement_1/S67(dot)full(do­t)pdf+html
    People, look at the website above. Notice that the brain scan in Figure 1 on Image B looks exactly like the brain scans shown in this video!!!! They are exactly replicates.
    Please decide for yourself. I think this was fodder created by the Debunkers to get debunked just like the Pentagon-Missile Video and WTC 7 blatant CD Demo. This does NOT discredit Ethylmercury’s toxic affects on the brain.
  • It’s funny, because this is how compartmentalization works. These guys are told that they are solving «religious fundamentalism» which is an umbrella term for Christian radicalism, Islamic Radicalism, and everything which is now blamed on those key parts of the brain that probably have other influences on ability that just giving a person emotion on hearing something truthful. This is FUCKING BEYOND 1984, this is beyond buck rodgers, this is in fucking hell. They are literally killing us. HELP!
  • People who think that this is okay and justify that actions encouraged by this video above have some serious delusions going on. Last time I checked, this is the United States of America, not Communist China or Soviet Russia. We all should have free-will, especially on the mind and not be given brain-damaging compounds that inhibit our cognitive abilities, regardless of the smokescreen they use to rationalize and sell this product.
  • @dishesdealer417 I agree that people have the right to be an idiot, but I do everything in my power to make sure they don’t get in the way of science, or bring anyone down with them.
  • @petaderfler
    There are a lot of right wing christian religious whack jobs in the pentagon & if this can be used on islamic religious nuts it could be used on christian religious nuts. I completely believe that one of them would have smuggled this out because they fear it will be used on christian types at home.
  • @Mgopro
    Religions are often unnecessary & harmful especially the extremist nutjobs of every religion, mormon, christian, islamic, jewish, it doesn’t matter. However, as an american who believes in freedom I believe that every person has the right to be an idiot & participate in an organized religion as long as they are kept strictly out of the political process.
  • I thnk that the govt would do this if their corporate bankster masters told them to. I personally think most vaccines are safe for children although some have a bad reaction & autism can result in some rare cases, but I will not be getting any more vaccinations period. I would rather self isolate in the case of a pandemic then let a govt I serously do not trust give me any injections.
  • yea the saw dude cares for you
  • If this were truly a leak it would have obviously been taken down long ago, I do believe that the subject matter is true but… it is taken far out of context. Yes Vaccines are for population control but very few people Vaccinated or not would run into a bank with a bomb strapped to them. I haven’t had my Flu shots since grade school and I highly doubt I would do that under any circumstance, yes I would kill a person for 10 million dollars though, but who wouldn’t?
  • @btrue2c – Your observations seem to be correct and I agree there is a good chance this is a hoax.
  • I wouldn’t put such a project beyond the Pentagon – DARPA in particular – or a Big Pharma corporation. In this, however, those two shots of human skulls being compared appear to me to be two copies of the same shot at the same level of the same skull with the color portions added later.
  • FunVax? Give me a break. This is clearly a HOAX.
  • Someone has quite cleverly created their own audio for this video.
    @ 2:34 he says scans A and B are two different individuals when in fact they are the same individual. This statement alone discredits the entire video.
    Some other discrepancies:
    @ 2:32 guy at the bottom of the screen is speaking to the presenter
    (these are only seen @ 720p / full screen):
    @ 3:523:57 the presenter is clearly speaking (about what he is circling on the slide)
    @ 4:44 audio doesn’t match video (at all)
  • The comments, wow!! Most can’t see the forest for the stubbles…..SMH!
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    • deny deny deny
    • Two hour free talk about vax from Dr Chad at Vaccine 911.com..
    • @st4ticblu3 yeah. a lot of medications have side effects. that’s why people are told to talk to their doctor beforehand
    • @snizzlefrazzy Have you read the possible side effects of Prozac?
    • @mspookie This is the problem, ‘intents, beliefs, desires’ that is the part of the brain they are FRYING. Who is to judge the correct ‘intention’. The US army INVADED. INVADED. INVADED. as part of a larger miltary operation around the world. IF THE PEOPLE OF AFGHAMISTAN ‘feel’ strongly about this, YOU suggest we should fry the brains of the entire population. WAKE UP NAZI
    • At first glance, this video is alarming.. though a few key points of suspicion do come up… He claims they are brain scans of two different individuals, yet they are strikingly similar if not identical.
    • How do we know this video isnt brainwashing us 😛
    • People wonder why I do not take vaccine shots. I read an IoM (Institution of Medicine) report that came out this week that said that some vaccines have been found to contain live viruses, among other things. I also remember reading H1N1 pamphlets that stated SEVERAL possible harmful side-effects of the Vaccine. This is just one more reason.
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      • @faro0485 Prozac is an anti-depressant. I’d rather someone take Prozac than possibly hurt themselves.
      • It would be nice to identify these individuals.
      • FunVax?
      • /watch?v=0N_2ULj_LL0
      • @snizzlefrazzy Prozac… used to modify human behaviour.
      • @lfandel1 The lecturer gave no information about manufacture of the virus or how the virus would actually inhiibit VMAT2 or alter brain function…altering genetic material may be possible in future generations through a virus of some kind..but altering expression of existing genetic material fully manifested is quite a leap…IF it is a DOD video it is a request for developemental funding not application or implimentation…They video is inconclusive as to origin. I don’t care either way.
      • that guy reminds me of SAW.
      • Okay, bucko. You go ahead and believe this is an actual DoD video.

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