Facts That You Don’t Know About CBD

One thing you’ll notice when researching whether or not CBD may be suitable for your needs is that much of what you’ll find tends to be the same information constantly being regurgitated. While it’s great that this wonderful health supplement continues to gain exposure, it is inevitable that some of the more interesting facts tend to be drowned out in the chatter. For this article, we’ve selected a few of the lesser known, eyebrow-raising CBD facts that many will likely find rather interesting.

1) CBD Is Just One Part Of The ‘Entourage Effect’

Don’t worry, the entourage effect isn’t some poorly dreamt up marketing slogan – it has in fact been a term commonly used in the medical marijuana scene since the early 1970s. Only recently has serious research started to be undertaken to try and explain why CBD seems to help some people with their symptoms (and there’s still plenty more to be done).

Ever more experts are suggesting that for CBD to be truly effective and absorb into our own natural endocannabinoid systems, it needs to be part of an ‘entourage’ of other cannabinoids that are frequently lost during the production of pure isolates. When extracted to a level that retains these many dozens of additional vitamins, minerals, and terpenes, the CBD is believed to find it easier to bind to our own cannabinoid receptors throughout the body and deliver some kind of holistic benefit.

Often referred to as ‘full spectrum’, these oils are gaining considerable traction in the marketplace, with a growing number of people who found isolates ineffective feeling real benefit from using this alternative.

2) Extraction Methods Directly Affect Quality

Θεραπεία της σεξουαλικής ανικανότητας

Το φυτικο σκεύασμα που θεραπεύει τα προβλήματα σεξουαλικής ανικανότητας χωρις καμία παρενέργεια

Το μοναδικό 100% φυτικό σκεύασμα που θεραπεύει το πρόβλημα και δεν το συντηρεί οπως αλλα χημικά γνωστά προιόντα με παρενέργειες


One of the advantages of having so many more people taking up a CBD routine is that it allows a greater understanding of what manufacturing processes result in a superior product. For far too long there has been an assumption that hemp extracts are all pretty much the same thing. The evidence suggests this is not the case. A key differential seems to be the quality of the extraction method.

Mass produced (and invariably the cheapest) CBD oils on the market tend to use chemicals such as ethanol and butane to extract the desired compounds. These abrasive chemicals inevitably compromise the quality of the hemp, and while they may well result in a ‘pure’ extract the fact is that it has been artificially tampered with and ecologically compromised.

CO2 based extraction – an expensive but 100% eco-friendly process widely used in the food industry (decaffeinating coffee beans, etc.) – is believed to allow far more of the essential secondary cannabinoids to be retained in the compound. Whether or not further research demonstrates this categorically we’ll have to wait and see, but it is certainly an important factor to bear in mind should you be considering taking up CBD

3) CBD Is Primarily Extracted From Hemp Not Cannabis

The vast majority of these oils are derived from hemp rather than the marijuana plant. While they are from the same family, hemp carries a naturally very low level of THC (the psychoactive component) compared to a classic marijuana plant. The vast majority of companies who perform the extraction process, often on behalf of companies who then add it to their range of oils/e-liquids/consumable etc., use hemp plants.

Private Label CBD Manufacturer is an increasingly common practice which allows start-up companies access to high-grade extracts without the expense of setting up their own processing operations. This is why there is such a variety of CBD products now hitting the shelves – the vast majority of which will be sourced from industrial grade hemp.

4) CBD Oil Is Legal & Will Not Make You High!

Despite being openly sold in stores and online, some people still seem to assume that there is a veneer of illegality about this kind of supplement. While it is true that legal limits on THC content do exist and vary widely between states/countries, you can assume that if it is on sale or delivered to your territory then it is perfectly legal to purchase and consume.

Thanks to the extremely low THC limit, there is no chance that even after consuming an extremely high dose (CBD has no toxicity) will make anyone remotely ‘high’ or risk failing a drug test.

5) There Is Proof That CBD Has Legitimate Medical Applications

It is important to be careful when discussing the potential health benefits of taking CBD. People are quite simply designed differently and a huge variety of factors (age, weight, body chemistry, health, etc.) influence the dose required to feel any potential benefits. Some people are also thought to just be naturally tolerant.

Yet early studies have demonstrated that it has been shown to help children suffering from epilepsy significantly reduce the frequency of seizures. In some cases, it has been more effective than orthodox medicine. Research into the health applications of CBD remains in its infancy, which leaves us reliant on anecdotal evidence for the range of conditions which are thought it may help with.

These are just five of the lesser discussed facts that not many people know about CBD oil. No doubt as the industry continues to grow (it is projected to expand in the USA by approximately 30% year on year over the coming three years) then these snippets will hopefully become common knowledge. Regardless of which style of the CBD you opt for – be it isolate or full spectrum – Never forget that quality of manufacture and extraction can play an essential role in determining the overall quality and potential effectiveness of your oil. Any good manufacturer will provide independent laboratory test results for each batch of their products – research these before ever making any purchase.


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