11 units of Azerbaijani armor captured by Armenian side

Στήριξε το εργο του Κατοχικά Νέα

As a result of the counterattack of the Defense Army, 11 units of armor of the adversary have been captured along with other military equipment including a BMP 3, the Armenian Unified Infocenter informs.

Heavy fighting has been continuing all along the line of contact throughout the day.

Armenian Defense Ministry Representative Artsrun Hovhannisyan said earlier today that the Azerbaijani side had 200 losses in manpower. It has also lost 4 helicopters, 27 UAVs, 33 tanks and war machine guns, two units of engineering armor.

The Armenian side has confirmed 16 losses among the military. Two civilians- woman and child – have also been killed in Azerbaijani shelling.


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Written by Θεοχάρης

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