15:10 - 01/01/2015

Army Military Sports Watch Dual Movement

TVG KM-468 Seal Elite Series Military Watch:

For people who are brave and free-spirited in life!

Seal Elite taste, cool and uninhibited

Dual movement and dual display: Digital LED and analog

High strength 304 stainless steel table cover

Quartz movement to keep precise time

Ultra bright LED lamp for clear night vision

Week display and available alarm function

3AMT water resistance, staying good in hand-washing and raining, not for swimming and diving

EUR 25.76

Army Military Sports Watch Dual Movement


Σχόλια Αναγνωστών (3)

  1. 0
    Only good for the ""DRY SEAL FORCES"" …….
    Very festive indeed….and to the point…
  2. 0
    αν αυτο ειναι των seal, εγω ειμαι ο King Tut..xaxaxaaxaaa
  3. 0
    κινεζικο του κερατα, στα 10 μετρα αδιαβροχο, αλλα ουτε στο μισο μην το βαλετε


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